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for. >> when i was in the hospital, everyday my parents would visit and brings us stacks of cards this high and most of them were from total strangers and it is really neat just knowing that like there is total strangers who are like care about you. >> sasha has no plan to ride the bus alone ever again. >> as anything, the attack has made sasha stronger. >> i am going to keep on wearing a skirt, i am not going to give up >> the fleischman's family now trying to get back to normal and reestablishing a routine that includes changing sasha's bandages every morning. the 16-year-old told them of the attacker, he said she set sasha on fire because of homo foe i can. phobic. >> it was a really dumb thing he did i mean setting someone's clothes on fire, you should be able to realize that that's not a funny prank. >> the 16-year-old charged with setting sasha fleishchman on fire is richard -- he's charged with hate crime and sasha and sasha's parents want to see him trial as juvenile. >>> new tonight for those that's going out o roads. this is bone, he was hit by a drunk driver this aftern
>>> we have a lot of people looking out for us and taking care of us. >> new tonight at 8 the father of a teenager who was set on fire on a bus breaks his silence. supports continue to pour in. we are live in okayland -- oakland tonight. jeff. >>reporter: that's right. it's being called rainbow road. ribbons like this have been put up everywhere. he's still in a lot of pain but justture -- things like this lift his spirit. the road to recovery is a long one but the ribbons on the bus right keeps lis -- his faith. >> he's happy by the actions of his schoolmates and ribbons on the bus poles all the way up the 57th bus line. >>reporter: the rainbow road is a perfect show of support for his son. >> he loves riding the buss and -- buses and prob lick -- public transportation. >>reporter: the principal wanted to not only cheer him up but send a message. >> this is about except exceptance -- acceptance and being different. if the person would have been able to look at a boy wearing a skirt and say how cool instead of the reaction he had we wouldn't be here today. >>reporter: karl
to go home. san francisco police said reasonable force was used to aforward an arrest. two officers were injured by angry residents. 4 were arrested. 2 suspects were jennifer's sons. >> he's never been charged with anything in his life. either of my children have records. >> there are flyers hanging on every doorway of the block. families are demanding answers and justice. >> i just want my son home and for this to be over. none of this needed to happen at all. >>> bart, two biggest unions could be heading back to the bargaining table. kron 4 scott is live for us in walnut creek at the station. scott, i imagine the question is could this lead to yet another strike? >> reporter: let's hope not vicki. right now will is no indication that's going to happen but nothing can be ruled out. just when the passengers thought all of this was behind them, turns out, it's not. >> the public is suffering. >> passengers here are not happy to hear about disagreements between bart and its two biggest unions. >> they need to settle it. >> reporter: it involves the family medical leave act. it allows membe
to respect us more. >> respect was a part of reason madera upset with them because of the wages are too low and that most working here barely making is me. >> some of us are even struggling just where they can not even a 40 bandit to work. >> wal-mart stated that the average salaries for managers are about zero hundred and 70 a grand. the average wage is just below $13 an hour. this is my dilemma for those who were marching for red >> they want to be able to the patient would fall on their table and for their child care. >> in total five people were arrested outside of this wal-mart in san leandro. we saw all of these people were out here, keep in mind that a good majority of them were union workers. >> the bay area is not the only city were there are protests against walmart. in southern california. a man dressed as santa. joined protesters at a walmart in police say, he was one of 10 people arrested on misdemeanor charges for it is unclear how many of the protestors there. were actual walmart workers. >> and in roseville. near sacramento. police arrested 15 people following a protest at a
a history in doing hard core. that's a new expatrolmen sport. -- extreme sport. >> he's uncon us con -- unconscious. >>reporter: accomplice are asking any one who saw the teen to come forward. >>> a man was murdered in a park. we spoke with the victims friends. >>reporter: we identified the victim as padr --padrio. >> i couldn't stay at work. it hit me out of nowhere. i had to leave and every thing. i miss him man. he left too soon. >>reporter: his immediate family did not attend the memorial. more than 30 people showed up to play their we spect. >> -- respect. >> when i was in his car accident the homeie pushed me in my wheelchair. >>reporter: the memorial was held in the park. he was found suffering from a gunshot wound. >> i live on his memory every day. that's my brother, that's my family. he loves every body. >> he was a good guy, funny guy. he was cool, i love him. he will be missed deadly. >>reporter: no suspects are in custody. police have yet to release a motive or if he was armed. they fear the shooting was gang- related. >> tomorrow the naacp will hold a meeting for the t
there was this will allow us to carry this agency for word for a long term and a long time. >> the board general manager says that they now have the ability to implement safety with out the problems of the red tape of the union. >> he would be stunned at the ridiculous way that this place operates. everything has to get the unions permission. i do not think that we are looking at eliminating jobs but it is more of a way of modernizing. we are also seeing some productivity. silicon valley is so close but yet it is so far. >> reporter: they still need to vote on this and that will likely take place next week. ahmike pelton, kron 4 news. >> the owners of a senior living facility in the east bay could still face charges of elder abuse. tonight, kron four's dan rubin heard a first-hand account of what it was like to work at valley springs manor in castro valley. it's a story you'll only see on kron four. >> reporter: claunesha frazier set goals when she started working at valley spring manor in castro valley. >> and wanted to have my baby have a wonderful birthday and a wonderful christmas. are >> she starte
heenan shows us what they are facing tonight. >> we can see the full extent of the damage. the storm first made landfall in the the town where over $15 and people, almost everyone is homeless, thirsty, hungry. >> we need help. >> in all 1700 bodies have been recovered. woman was able to save her husband but shsome but she lost her husband. >> he stated that he wanted people to forgive him because he just could not save her. survivors cover their noses because there is full of evidence that the toll will go higher. >> we cannot search more, the smell-that's a lot of bodies were mixed with the rubble. all but the pre. >> we are getting egg brando, up look at before and after images of the philippines. >> align >> you can see the entire shoreline here is transformed. big clusters of homes wiped out. the only thing that looks the same in this picture is the white circular == large areas of farmland affected. == what was once green grass and green trees.not sand from the sea.and debris from >> new tonight at 8:00 p.m.. it's the outpouring of support for those in the philippines has been m
by displaying a computer at plaque in their dorm room. using racial slurs. locking him in a closet and fastening a bicycle lock or round his neck. actions that report and started back in august and went on until october. the four students have been suspended from school. >> pam: news tonight at 8 has been a month since patients were found abandoned at a castro valley assisted living facilities. after it was shut down by the state and public still has the very few answers as to how this could happen state officials say, there it in korea is still under way. but we are learning more about the owner of the facility. her name hilda manuel. as kron4 and herman tell us patient advocates say the state never should have allowed her to run valley springs matter in the first place. >> reporter: 4 she went in the '90s were riddled with trouble. the four she ran in the 90's >> she owns another with 5000 citations for violations. how can this possibly happen? >> reporter: it happens because come does a lousy job checking the background for prospective licensees. >> they do not do the kind of background chec
and shows us the disturbing new details. >> reporter: people who ride the bus say that they are worried tonight. most likely the victim did not even know each other. police want to know why someone would use a cigarette lighter, like this one and sent a man on fire. police say right now that it appears that the two didn't know each other, and that this was just a random act of violence here is the victim this 18- year-old luke fleischman, who also goes by the name sasha according to police the suspect used a lighter setting the 18-year-old on fire while he was sleeping on an ac transit bus in oakland yesterday >> reporter:investigators using information gathered by witnesses and surveillance video from the bus to help track down the suspect we have learned that the 16-year-old suspect is a student at oakland high school, and that is where police picked him up this morning. investigators now want to know why someone would do something so heinous. >> this is an extremely disturbing and could happen to anyone anywhere. unfortunately in happened to our victim. >> reporter:i did check, inves
the teacher multiple times in the hat neck and arms. he did not use a knife he used a method can of cold council. he used a mechanical pencil >> reporter: >> i want to make sure but i am sure you all, i have a i am a parent with a two-year year old. i will take care of your children. >> reporter: one else was hurt during the melee. the injuries the teacher suffered are not life threatening >> reporter: as to why this happened, officers are still trying to figure this out. the student does not have or had not had a history of violence in the past. anothe big story.the rain came in a big way yesterday least a dozen accidents or spin-outs on highway- 17 in the santa cruz mountains. >> reporter: this was by far the worst. >> reporter:about a mile north of the o'clock this afternoon. four people were trapped in a car that landed upside down. at the bottom of an 80- foot ravine. to safety. >> reporter:video you will on see only kron 4 truck barrled off a side - and onto highway - 101. right at the start of the morning commute just before six -this morning in tiburon. authorities believe the fo
, one would be tells us what she will do when the gondolas begin moving. >> you're the first person that i've ever interviewed that yodeled. >>> a fourth student suspended in a hate crime investigation. it started already shoppers camping out looking for black friday bargains. tech reporters have a preview of what you can expect when the sales begin one week from today. >>> how do you feel about hearing this news? >> i still can't believe it. >> san francisco reacts to the news of the kennedy assassination 50 years later, the pain and questions remain. >>> we begin with breaking news tonight at 8:00, we are getting reports into the news room of some sort of incident right now at los angeles international airport. kron4 grant lotis standing by and joining us with what we know at this hour. >> reporter: this is a very fluid situation. what we do know is there has been some sort of incident at lax. take a look at this picture. this shows people holding guns and there's one person on the ground. these appear to be some sort of law enforcement officers or agents. the situation by all acc
can use them so they can get food for a life time. every box, can and dollar bill counts. >> it shows the human heart is always responding to human needs and that's a good thing. >> and you can see the huge pile of doings that have been coming in since the students who run an after school program decided they want to do do something to help. they are accepting doings here at the west bay center until midnight tonight. the address is 1,757th street and they are going to mail all this first thing tuesday morning but they'll be accepting doings all week long from 10 to 6 they want to get all the stuff to the people in need as soon as possible. live in san francisco i'm justin kron 4 new. >>> the red cross is amostly jeopardizing tonight after tweeting this picture. it shows the typhoon superimposed. the goal was to show the huge size of the storm but tonight the red cross says it made a mistake and the storm is not to scale. however cnn did make a graphic which is much more to scale roughly the size of the typhoon just before is slammed the u.s. on the left outer from boston to north car
>>> this tears us all apart. >> hundreds rallying for change in memory of andy lopez, the 13- year-old kill by a deputy. the shooting touching communities statewide. >> today is declared a national day of action. demonstrators demanding justice for lopez. we have more from the protest in san francisco's mission district. >> reporter: the killing of andy lopez has brought mass protest in santa rosa and demanding justice, those protests have spread across california afternoon the country. >> reporter: 13-year-old lopez was killed by a deputy. the teen was holding a replica assault weapon and he was shot. >> we are saying we aren't going to let our children and our friends and sons, our students because i also work in a school, that we don't want to see anymore of them killed just for being somewhere and looking the way they are and that is somebody thinks it is okay to kill them because of that reason. >> this little boy shot nine times by a weapon specialist because he was carrying a toy. it is fairly -- it is very transparent what happened in his case and it is important for us t
and supported. >> thank you for supporting us. it was a terrific thing that happened but we have had so much support from the committee, friends and family. we are just so thrilled about that. we are thankful for that it has been a great support. >> reporter: as of right now he will be charged as an odd built britt j.r. stone kron 4 news charged as an adult >> reporter:new tonight at 8-- bart service is not normal yet on development of this story. >> pam: the holiday shopping season is well upon us. and authorities are cautioning shoppers that thieves are also coming out in force. >> pam: but there are tips for keeping you and your belongings safe this season. >> pam: kron4's scott rates is live in walnut creek. with what shoppers and police are saying. scott? with the holiday season rapidly approaching, san francisco's district attorney george gascon d.a wants to remind shoppers of some simple tips to keep them safe. tips you have probably heard before it's sounds like common scene, but how many shoppers follow these tips. to find out i hit the streets of walnut creek. >> reporter: and what
. but as kron4 rob fladeboe reports the man is also suspected of trying to rob the people in the peninsula using crags list at. >> the investigation is expanding into an east bay nursing home where more than a dozen patients were allegedly abandoned by most of the staff. >> questions are now beginning to surface regarding the conditions that led to the facility being shut down by the state. tonight a former employee asked us not to reveal her identity, but sure what she saw. >> while she was on the job >> the former employee says she only work at home in castro valley for about four days and that was all that she could take because of the very poor work condition. >> for people in antioch are recovering after being attacked and bitten by dogs last night. >> it happened just before 9:00 p.m. near the 2700 block of llarkspur drive. a man was walking dogs would to lose our dog approached them and get them. three other neighbors were bitten when they tried to help. >> police arrived and killed one of the dog with a charge in one of the people was taken to the hospital and details of his injuries ar
says he's grateful that he had some help. and wasn't hurt. >> it was scary! he let me use his cell phone. he tried to help with his extinguisher but there was only one squirt left within the extinguisher. >> catherine: this wasn't the first car fire inside one of the tunnels. accident started a fire that killed 7 people and forced the 3rd bore to close for several months. kron 4's charles clifford talked to caltrans about what they're doing to keep the tunnels safe. >> reporter:the first and second bores of the caldecott tunnel were built in the 1930s. the third bore was finished in 1964. the fatal 1982 fire, forced engineers to improve safety standards and since then caltrans regularly looks for ways to make the tunnels safer. caltrans spokesman bob hauss says several upgrades have recently been finished or are ongoing. that includes putting in a more robust water system. >>we have an 8 inch water line going in, so that will make it easier for firefighters to have a good strong supply of water in case there's another incident like this. they've also improved the radio network insi
for us. >> vote no on the contract. only part of this is true. it is true that there is a paid family leave benefit that somehow managed to be in the contract despite prior agreements that it would not be a part of the contract. it is under investigation how it ended up there, whether it be an error or otherwise. we do not know the cause at this time. we are working to correct this error and hope to be able to radify the contract as scheduled at the november 21st board of directors meeting. again, we do not know how this got there. we are both investigating that and trying to evaluate what the impacts are of this provision in the contract. given that this is an investigation status and we do not have many answers, i likely will not be able to answer many of your questions informatively. i did want to, as a director, come out and acknowledge the media's request for response to this incident. that being said, are there any questions? >> what is the provision that you say was put in there? >> the provision, once again, has to do with paid family leave. >> what does it say? >> the specifi
? >>> in an effort to help a family in need, an officer came to the hotel six to drop off diapers and lightly used clothing. instead of an adult, a 3-year- old was in the door. also in the room, 1-year-old. police say 33-year-old kendra smith showed up 15 minutes later. by the time the officer was there waiting. >> found some drugs and drug paraphernalia in the room, as well as pocket knives and where the kids' toys were and things of that nature, things that children could possibly harm themselves with. >> concerned for the children's safety and addition to what the police found in the room. >> determined to release the children to the father, is up to the child and welfare department at this point, to oversee what happens with the children. and make sure they are going to be in a safe environment. >> the father was arrested late last week for an unrelated incident. it was during that time he told the arresting officer about his family's hardship. in trying to do good deed, officer ended up arresting the child's mother as well. >>> cashier in walnut creek was robbed at gun point. the suspect got
. >> there is a large mountain of scrap metal the that is on fire. the fire department is using cranes to get to the center of the scrap metal pile to extinguish the fire. >> the smoke may linger for awhile so people with preexisting health conditions should use caution while outdoors. >> we notified the hospitals in case any residents go to the hospitals complaining of any respiratory discomfort. >> police say this is not the first time this scrapyard has gone up in flames but the cause of this fire is still under investigation. >>> and that smoke certainly affecting several community in the surrounding area. here is brian with more on the wind conditions. brian. >> the winds are fairly light right now. notice on our wind speed map, the winds less than five miles an hour. typically this time of night we have a sea breeze but we have these lights winds and that kind of makes the smoke linger in place. right now, the winds coming out of the northwest from red wood city so it is taking the smoke plume down highway 101 into mountainview as well. now the winds are fairly strong out in the pacific
to the sheriff"s office. >>"the gravity of this situation is not lost on any of us." >> reporter:sheriff ross mirkarimi went through the list of things that went wrong during the 17 day search for missing sf general patient lynne spalding. >> reporter:the troubles started when deputies got a report >>"physican said i came into the room to discharge her and she was already gone but she is very confuesd and not safe to be on her own." >> reporter:the deputy in charge did not consider this a missing persons case. and information was not passed on to the next deputies on shift. then came confusion. >> reporter:the sheriff said hospital staff mis- identified spalding -- who is white--- first as african american, and then as asian in hospital logs. when a deputy went to look at securty fotoage the cameras did not workd. >>due to hardware problems was unable to do so >>more than a week after she vanished.deputies were ordered to search again for spalding. but they only looked in half of the stairwells. >> reporter:campus 24 acres staff was directed to search the campus. did not include all the stair
:before today we knew miles by this picture the make a wish foundation sent us.but this morning.he literally transformed into bat kid.and transformed the country into a bunch of bat kid fans.obsessed with the little guy's brave battle with cancer.and his heroic day fighting crime.keeping gotham city safe. >> reporter:the big day started at 10am when he he left the grand hyatt in union square in his bat mobile.a donated lamborghi. >> reporter:from union square he answere in russian hi >> reporter:that's where a damsel in distress was rescued from the cable car line. >> reporter:hyde between union and greene was flooded with people. >> reporter:bat-kid jumped into action. >> reporter:rescuing the damsel.she was tied up on cable car tracks.and a suspecious device needed problem for batkid. >> reporter:he gets a big hug.and a kiss from his damsel. >> reporter:from there.back in the bat mobile.bat kid was off to the financial district. >> reporter:that's where the riddler was robbing a bank vault near montgomery and clay. >> reporter:batkid was on the run again.heading into the build
a bullet. an usher which is like now but it was fine for us. >> reporter: what are you looking for to most on thanksgiving? >> c. and my children see to see my children >> turkey. >> reporter: the other thing you need to know, if you are coming here told leafbird drops somewhat off the departure you will have no problem at all. however, to pick someone up at our ribald you may want to arrive at an extra time due to volume. >> reporter:tonight on thanksgiving eve. more than 250 flights cancelled due to frightening winter weather on the east coast. here's just some of what people are facing if they plan to travel back east for the holiday. you can see high winds. >> reporter:this is what boston looked like today.with people struggling to walk down the street. if you're planning to hit the rails to make your way home. this was the scene. people packing the train stations hoping to get home in time for the turkey! >> reporter:and for the millions of drivers who will be on the road. many are facing snow and icy roads. including here in southwest virginia. >> reporter:buffalo new york. north car
on 238 northbound an pg and e telling us about power outages. >> >> . we come back out here live so you can see what is really happening. i'm sitting in my car waiting for live shot. it is rocking back and forth. another facebook friend told me. he said the wind is really howling like a dog. he nailed it on head. how long can we expect these conditions. jacqueline bennett has that for you. for now, from oakland, kron4 news. >> >> just teen talked about the reports of downed trees and power outages and downed trees, only to get worst during the overnight hours. we have seen gusts in the 30 mile-an-hour range. 31 in livermore. 37 in fairfield, 43 mile-an- hour gusts in santa rosa. a wind advisory remains in effect. the only areas not impacted by these wind advisories are bay shores and portions of the south bay. this will be in effect in most places through 10:00 tomorrow. wind gusts will be up to 50- miles an hour in valleys, up to 60-miles an hour in the hills, downed trees and power lines are likely. we'll talk more about the wind, we'll time that on future cast coming up in just a bit
but the farmers asked us to mention it. luke: enjoy tillamook cheese. dale: eat all you want. luke: we make tons. (male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> gary: >> reporter: reports of shots inside that mall. so far no injuries but police has not found the shelter. shooter >> reporter: least were called after hearing shots. they believe that it is one shelter.hooter. right >> reporter: now-suspect has not been found. >> i was outside the mall by the parking lot and i heard three shots being fired. all of sudden you heard people running out direc. >> reporter: police and swat teams are going store to store to find thatshooter >> catherine: why state investigators are now under fire after a nursing home closes its doors, leaving patients behind. it's a report that will make your skin boil. >> catherine: and he talks with the patient advocate that is calling for a major overhaul of the system. >> they see that there is not enough diapers or food and a janitor and assistant cook are trying to care for 14 residence and then they'd leave. they docum
. wide appeared >> the eye of the store is 100 demise south this new video gives us the first peek at the damage allied's getting now blown down. their reason catastrophic damage is expected an estimated 25 people is passed. >> debris is littering the roadway. >> and you tonight at 8000 in the bay area are keeping a close eye on the storm in the philippines. we would see the hundreds of responses of our facebook page today from people here with family and friends overseas. >> kron4 as j.r. stone continues our team coverage tonight. >> this home here that you see in the video is in fear that a landslide may happen here >> this bill it video from the philippines shows toward true brains. >> people share their stories about their families that are in the philippines right now doing this super typhoon. >> and continue with our team coverage of this super typhoon chief meteorologist is liven the weapons whether center tracking storm perry >> the store is a category 5 hurricane it is topping wends near 21 2 mi. per hour. >> this is the most recent satellite imagery the eye of the storm c
. the accident is being >> pam: in the philippines tonight, u=s marines are delivering aid to communities that have not had fresh food and water in six days. >> pam: these pictures are from the island of samar, where typhoon haiyan came ashore last weekend. on nearby leyte, eight people were crushed when looters broke into a food warehouse. catherine heenan has more on the increasingly desperate situation. >> pam: tonight in san jose. >> catherine: people are gathering to >> catherine: food supplies are arriving in the larger towns but ruled areas are still cut off. and bringing and food and supplies in airlifting survivors to safety. some of the younger victims are in able to leave behind scenes from a nightmare. it remember the victims of it made me feel scared. typhoon haiyan. it smelled like dead rats. vigil to honor those who >> pam: lost their lives. and the survivors who are still in desperate need of help. >> reporter: to remember those who lost their lives through due to typhoon high man. haiyan >> reporter: those participating in its visual still has family back in the philipp
. "i did not use a friend or x teammate today. i truly lost a brother in thomas howard rest in peace. " >> reporter: just because there was no physical evidence of drugs and alcohol or dui is not being thrown out. toxicology report will have to take up one to two weeks or even more as they are same. >> reporter: his best year with a raiders was 2007 when he has six interceptions. to them playing with the bengals in 2011 and 12. he was with the falcons briefly before they released him on november 12th which was last tuesday. >> pam: coming up in our next half hour. kron 4's j-r stone spoke with friends of the other victim in the deadly crash. hear what they have to say. tonight at 8:30. >> pam: new tonight at 8, one woman has died and another is fighting for her life following a shooting in san francisco early sunday morning. as kron 4's charles clifford reports. it esclated after a confrontation. >> reporter:according to the san francisco police department, just after 2 o'clock sunday morning, 23 year old melquisha warren, and a friend, were sitting in a 6th street and jesse street i
used excessive force force when our resting d j riding his bike. >> reporter: a bump on his hat and very shook up another man on the video came to the rally after being released from jail. >> i need this type of violence to stop from the police there was no need for this. need to stop beating on d j williams. none of this had to happen. >> the whole thing took place because we tried to keep ourselves in the best light what the public. >> reporter: of his policeman were hurt in the fight one with a bloody head and one bit 10. bitten. it will determine if the offu officers were inappropriate. >>until we j get justice we will be here in fron of police station >> gary: stay tuned with sports and also the greatest extreme athlete in the u-verse was made for me. yeah, it's perfect for us tv fans. they made this for me. oh, and you've worked out a theory. this is exciting. what's the evidence? alright, evidence... u-verse has over 185 hd channels. i love hd. everybody loves hd. [ male announcer ] call now to get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for two years with qualifying bun
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